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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist Calendar

wedding planning calendar

Wedding planning takes A LOT of time, organization, and knowledge. If you are a new bride-to-be you might feel a bit overwhelmed or confused on where to start. We at Dolce Vita Events would like to make things a little easier for you, so we are sharing a few of our tips found on our wedding planning checklist and calendar. Download the full Wedding Planning Checklist Calendar here.

12+ months before Your Wedding:

  • Create the vision/theme of your wedding and draw up a budget.

  • (Hiring Dolce Vita Events will ultimately save on your overall budget; we know how to get the best for less!)

  • Assemble your "planning team."

  • (Booking an experienced wedding planner/team, like Dolce Vita Events, is the first step to ensuring a smooth and successful wedding planning journey.)

  • Research and book Ceremony & Reception sites.

  • Pick a wedding date and time. Select several options, check with your venues/officiant before finalizing.

  • Choose your wedding party

  • Start planning the guest list.

8-10 months before Wedding:

  • Think about, shop for, and order your wedding gown.

  • Consider/plan reception food.

  • Consider the type of entertainment you want. A pianist for the cocktail hour, strolling violinists, a DJ, or band?

  • Think about your floral decor.

  • Research and book your wedding vendors - photographer, videographer, reception band or DJ, florist, etc. (or let Dolce Vita Events do it ALL for you with our in-house services and excellent vendor recommendation/list.)

6-8 months before Wedding:

  • Book ceremony musicians.

  • Order bridesmaid dresses.

  • Start planning honeymoon.

  • Send save-the-date cards.

4-6 months before Wedding:

  • Attend pre-wedding counseling, if required. (Some churches/religions require this).

  • Shop for and order invitations and wedding rings.

  • Renew or get passports, if necessary.

  • Research, interview, and book a cake designer

3 months before Wedding:

  • Order wedding cake.

  • Hire a calligrapher, if you want your invitations professionally addressed.

  • Groom: Rent the men's formal wear.

  • Hire wedding-day transport: limousines, specialty cars, etc. Look into transportation sooner if you have more extensive transportation needs.

2 months before Wedding:

  • Mail your invitations.

  • Write your vows.

  • Purchase gifts for parents, attendants, and each other.

  • Book your hair and makeup stylist and trials.

1 month before Wedding:

  • Apply for a marriage license. (Dolce Vita Events provides step by step marriage license application instruction as part of our planning packages.)

  • Bride: Have final gown fitting. Bring your maid of honor along to learn how to bustle your dress. Have the dress pressed and bring it home.

  • Make confirmations with all vendors. (Dolce Vita Events handles all vendor relations for our wedding planning clients)

By this time, you will be in the home stretch! But there is still much more to do in the final 2 weeks and even AFTER the wedding, so click here to download the complete wedding planning checklist.

Notice there are many detailed tasks that will require hours of research and work, including researching all of the wedding vendors that will provide all of the important services on your big day. Save hours of research and thousands of dollars in selecting the wrong vendors when you let Dolce Vita Events recommend the top vendors based on your style and budget. Additionally, with Dolce Vita Event's Full or partial wedding planning service, all of these tasks and details are handled for you. Professionally. By an expert wedding planner.

Don't spend the next 12 months or more of your life having to devote 20-30+ hours per week to planning your own wedding. Let the experts at Dolce Vita Events Wedding Planning handle everything for you. We do the work, so you can get back to having a life and enjoying the journey!

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