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Corporate Holiday Event Planning in Orange County and Los Angeles by Dolce Vita Events

Orange County Los Angeles Corporate Holiday Events

The holidays are just around the corner and companies everywhere will be looking to plan their holiday celebrations. Be it a lavish corporate holiday party, on site luncheon, or intimate yet festive cocktail hour, the corporate holiday event is one clients and staffers alike all look forward to. It's a way for corporate management to show appreciation to staff, and sometimes clients, for the hard work and loyalty put in all year round. The corporate holiday event is a good way to boost morale, brand recognition, and the chance to nurture office and client relationships in a more relaxed, upbeat, and happy atmosphere.

While most companies have a defined budget and assign the event planning duties to existing staff, Dolce Vita Events would like to remind the corporate decision makers that the best gift you could give your employees, yourselves, and your bottom line, is to outsource the planning and management of your next corporate holiday event to a professional corporate event planner, like Dolce Vita Events own principal planner Priscilla Nakane.

An experienced corporate event planner will be quick to know of all the available resources and production elements needed to plan the desired event and within the specified budget. Additionally, the professional event planner will have the time necessary to devote to and focus on the event planning and will also be involved either partially or completely in creating the design aesthetic of the event.

Here at Dolce Vita Events, principal planner Priscilla Nakane comes from a strong background of corporate event planning having been a municipal City Special Event Planner responsible for all sizes of corporate and entertainment events with budgets that were varied between conservative and the extravagant. Dolce Vita Events produces each corporate event with the highest attention to the details and success of our client's vision and budget.

Dolce Vita Events also offers corporate holiday gifting for clients. Simply schedule a gifting consultation with us so that we can learn about the corporate clients you wish to provide gifts to, ideas of the gift or product, and your budget, and we will get to work providing you custom designs and solutions as well as complete production and assembly of your corporate client gifting list.

At Dolce Vita Events we love the holidays and we love planning parties and events. Couple that with the vast business marketing, budget management, and strategic partnerships and alliances that come with our founder's background in corporate planning and we are your best decision in corporate event planning. Contact us today to start planning your next event!

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