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Wedding Day Management Explained - The New Name For Day Of Wedding Coordination and Why Every Bride

Wedding Day Management

The big day is finally here! The day you've been waiting for your whole life. Your wedding day! You've planned all of the details of your wedding, pinned to countless Pinterest boards in hopes of creating the wedding look of your dreams, and worked endless hours making sure the seating chart is just right. But now it's the day of your wedding and you need to focus on being the bride. You need to focus on being present in the moment, making memories with your family, friends and, most importantly, the love of your life. So who will be the one to make sure all of the details, logistics, and timelines run like clockwork? Who will be there to greet the vendors, run the ceremony procession, set up the escort cards, cake table, and add those final touches that are oh so important to your big day?... Enter your personal wedding management team and Day of Coordinator!

A wedding coordinator is an experienced wedding professional (usually an established wedding planner) who assists brides who have chosen to plan their wedding on their own (without the assistance of a full service wedding planner to plan all of the details) with pulling together all of the elements the bride has already arranged for on the day of the wedding. All too often brides rely on family and friends to help take on the important responsibility of pulling everything together on the day of the wedding, but this becomes a stressful task for the non experienced professional and that person (or persons) won't be able to enjoy the event as a guest, and will end up feeling like “event staff.” In most cases, your “volunteers” have little experience in coordinating a wedding from start to finish and they often end up feeling overwhelmed, miss important details, and become frustrated as they try to keep on top of managing everything that must be done to ensure that the day runs smoothly. However, contrary to the former title "Day Of" wedding coordination, the work required to make all of this happen, doesn't just simply begin on the wedding day when the wedding professional walks in to take over the reigns. It begins weeks before with managing the details from the smallest to the most prominent in order to have complete success over the entire wedding.

Day of Coordination Myth picture

So just what exactly is this new term "Wedding Management" that seems to be circulating within the wedding industry? Why are most wedding planners and professionals now calling the former "Day of" wedding coordination service "wedding management" now, and why the switch? Wedding professionals have long since fought an uphill battle in explaining why the costs of Day of coordination is what it is. Brides were stuck on the term "Day of" coordination, assuming the work just took place on the day of the wedding, but neglecting to recognize the many hours spent in preparation, study, and administrative tasks leading up to the wedding day. So wedding planners are now banning together to educate their bridal clients and the general public as a whole to explain how Day Of wedding coordination is a misconception of term. Day Of wedding coordination actually begins long before the day of the wedding. Typically wedding coordinators will begin working with their bridal client up to six weeks before the actual wedding day in order to go over all of the details the bride and groom have planned on their own, as well as to reach out to the other vendors responsible for contributing items, elements, and deliveries on the actual wedding day. This service, while crucial for a successful wedding day, is far more than Day of coordination, it is truly event and operations management of the entire wedding. So the term "Wedding Management" is a much better description.

Coordinating a wedding involves MANY important details. It takes an experienced wedding event manager and at least one or more assistants to successfully manage the timing, pay keen attention to every detail, and have the knowledge and ability to handle any issue or problem that may happen on the wedding day (i.e., we know what to do if the cake delivery is late, the best man forgot the rings, or the weather doesn't cooperate). You want your wedding day to run smoothly for you AND your guests, and having a professional wedding coordinator and wedding day management team is the only way to make that happen!

At Dolce Vita Events, wedding day management ("Day Of" Coordination) is one of our signature services, and by far our most popular. That's because we are experts at event management of high profile important events of every size and scale. (Read more about that here). We bring our expertise and event management artistry backed by over 15 years of experience in the wedding and corporate event planning industry to your wedding day in the same way we handle high profile red carpet events. Principal Planner/Coordinator Priscilla Nakane and her staff pay keen attention to every element and can seamlessly coordinate the most intricate of details to ensure the flawless execution and flow of your wedding day.

So while "Day Of" coordination is really a month long working relationship with us, you will be happy you made it the most important investment in the success of everything you have planned for your special day! Whether a rustic wedding, elegant soiree, or glamorous Gatsby inspired theme, trust that your wedding will be your perfect dream day come true when you hire Dolce Vita Events to orchestrate and mange the process and production of your wedding day! Customized service packages are available as Dolce Vita Event offers service plans to fit every need and budget. Contact us to book your wedding date today!

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