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Thumbtack Takes the Stress out of Finding Wedding Vendors

Wedding planning can be stressfull! Brides-to-be can get overwhelmed, not only bu trying to find the perfect photographer, caterer, linen company, etc.; but stress can also come because there are so many wedding vendors to choose from! Where do you start??

As a planning bride-to-be myself, I stumbled upon a great website called Thumbtack ( It allows you to send out a request for specific vendor services and sit back while those vendors then send you their profile, quote, and company information for your review. The best thing is you wont get overwhelmed because only 5 vendors can submit a quote for per request.

I found this site to be so wonderful as a planning bride, that I decided to create a business profile and utiliae it as a wedding vendor as well! As an event/wedding planner and Bridal Stylist, I am now notified by Thumbtack via email when a potential client is in need of my services. I can then choose to submit a quote to them or not based on the project information, dates, and timelines that they have submitted in their request for a quote. And I only pay a small fee to the clients I want to submit a quote to but the service is completely free to me as a planning bride!

If you are in need of ANY type of service provider, take a look at Thumbtack... you'll be glad you did!

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