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Wedding Wednesday Tip: How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers and Design

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Photo credit: Samantha Charlie Photography

A wedding just isn't a wedding without the beauty of flowers and blossoms to enhance your special day. But your floral budget doesn't need to break the bank! We at Dolce Vita Events love to create beautiful, elegant, and romantic floral designs that compliment the fabulous weddings we plan and coordinate. Here are some tips to consider when deciding the details about your wedding flowers and wedding design.

1. Floral Tip

Cranberry red peony bridal bouquet Dolce Vita Events Shabby chic glam style

Be sure to choose flowers that are going to be in season during your wedding month. This saves on cost as well as how well the flowers will hold up in the weather. Certain flowers cannot survive the heat in the summer and quickly wilt between the time from ceremony to reception or even in transport to the ceremony! Also, other flowers (such as peonies) are just not in season during the winter months.

2. Design Tip

Keep floral costs down by re-using the ceremony flowers in your reception. Altar arrangements can be used as sweetheart table flowers and pew flowers can be creatively used as centerpieces, cake or guest book table decor.

3. Candles Consider using candles in place of a heavy floral design. This cuts down costs and creates a very romantic atmosphere during the reception.

Votive candles and red roses wedding table decor Dolce Vita events style Photo by Studio Joe + Jill
Submerged White Cala Lily Tulip candle cylinder centerpieces Dolce Vita Events style

4. Splurge on the Brides Bouquet

If you will be using mostly candle and non floral decor to dress your wedding, do spend on the bridal bouquet. The bride and groom pictures will be so much more beautiful with a lush richly colored floral bouquet and still allow you to save on costs in other areas. Additionally, the bridal bouquet looks great when it lays effortlessly on the cake table, sweetheart table, and next to icon photo elements like the rings, bridal shoes, and invitations (since we also provide wedding photography, we know this first hand :-)

Peopny bridal bouquet and Badgley Mischka wedding shoes Dolce Vita Events style. Photo by Angelica Bracinni

5. Hire a wedding planner who is also an experienced floral and event designer!

Wedding professionals are a valuable resource. When deciding on hiring a wedding planner or coordinator, it is a big benefit to hire one that is also a trained and experienced wedding and event floral designer. This not only saves you money on another wedding florists fees, it also gives you the advantage of additional savings that can be combined with multiple service package discounts.

At Dolce Vita Events, principal planner and designer Priscilla Nakane is an accomplished and trained floral and event designer that works wedding planning as well as floral and decor design into cohesive customized service packages that make it more manageable and affordable for our clients to have their dream weddings come to life!

At Dolce Vita Events we understand that every wedding is unique, so every design is customized to your needs and budget. If you are looking for a floral/event designer that will understand your vision and can work within your budget, please give us a call, we offer full wedding planning, coordination, wedding floral and event design throughout Southern California, as well as our wonderful virtual wedding planning and event design services nationwide!

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