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Priscilla Thomas of Dolce Vita Events Helps Brides on a Budget

It's Your Big Day! You've dreamed of this day since you were eight years old and now it's finally here. Every bride wants a memorable and spectacular wedding, but as weddings get more and more expensive, and as more and more couples are footing their own bill for the entire budget, what's a cost conscious bride to do?

1. Don't try to go it alone. While there are MANY facets of your wedding you can DIY, hiring a wedding consultant for even just the day of coordinating or even a mini wedding planning package that begins 6 weeks prior to the big day (as Dolce Vita Events offers) can help eleviate a ton of stress AND save you money in the long run.

2. Instead of registering for gifts ala Macy's or Bloomingdales, register for a honeymoon account on a site such as, guests can go online to donate towards your romantic honeymoon, accommodations, and activities, as well as specific donations towards the wedding itself if you choose to list items you wou;d like the money to go towards (like the venue fee, DJ, or even food/beverage costs!) Doing this helpd A TON, and you are guaranteed to get a wedding gift you actually want/need!

3. Skimp on the price tag for the dress (without having to skimp on the dress itself), but DON'T skimp on the ring, the ring is forever, the dress for only but a day. These days there are a pelethora of online wedding dress retailers offering beautiful wedding gowns at u to 80% off retail. These companes have no overhead so they can pass on steep discounts to the customers. And let's be honest, the only reason why that designer couture wedding gown has a $10k price tag on it, is because.. well.. it can! The wedding industry has inflated prices because rides are condintioned to splurge. But my advice is to splurge where it matters (the ring). We have turned many of our client brides on a budget to sites that offer gorgeous wedding gowns in a price range of...are you ready.....just $200-$500.00, so we know it can be done.. and with a quality dress that makes you look beautiful!

4. Get creative with your venue, menu plan, wedding cake options, and invitations. Cutting costs by selecting a venue such as a beach ceremony, local restaurant or traditional church can save a couple thousands of dollars, as can opting for a smaller wedding cake and a variety of reasonably priced desserts for a dessert bar as opposed to a $5,000 cake.

There are many options for couples on a budget. You can still have a glamorous wedding on a mid priced budget and we at Dolce Vita Events are experts at doing so. Contact us to learn moreabout money saving tips, vendors, and planning options!

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