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Top Tasty Food Trends for Weddings in 2016

Strawberry cheesecake frenchtoast

Let's face it - when you're a wedding guest, you are really only concerned with two things: The cocktails, and the food. When you're the bride and groom, you want to make sure that the food taste great, is memorable, and that it's not breaking the budget. Here are Dolce Vita Events' tried and true reception food trends and tips for weddings in 2016.

1. We Love You Brunches: Brunch has become popular lately because daytime weddings are cheaper than doing dinnertime or afternoon. Brunch or brunch buffets can also be fun, tasty, creative, and can help to drastically cut the cost of traditional catering.

2. Think Fresh: People are turning to fresh, organic foods sourced locally. Conscious of healthy ingredients and clean nutrition, brides are turning to caterers that source out as locally and as organic as possible.

3. Just Truck it: One of the biggest things right now is food trucks. Couples are incorporating fun foods into every aspect of the wedding and bringing in their favorite food trucks for all or part of the reception.

Roaming Hunger wedding food truck

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mini grilled cheese and tomato soup shots

4. Get Comfy: Couples are really loving good ol’ fashioned comfort foods – dressed up of course, because it's still about all presentation.

5. The "After" dinner party: Another big trend is the late night snack after dinner, cake and dancing. Couples love incorporating their favorite late night snacks into their wedding party just as the party is about to end. Build-your-own ice cream sundae buffet, milk and cookie shots, or cotton candy bags can make saying goodnight oh-so sweet ."

Final Thought: No matter what your taste or budget, remember that it is YOUR wedding and you don't have to stick to traditions. Customizing your food with both presentation and pairing is a unique way to personalize your day. And if you do want to stick with the more traditional choices...always go for the chicken :-)

Dolce Vita Events can help you with a customized menu plan, in house catering on select buffet packages, and top catering referrals that fit your personal style.

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