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How to Save Money on your Wedding Cake with a Candy or Dessert Buffet

Wedding cakes are so beautiful these days, but with a large guest list wedding cakes can get extremely expensive! We are sharing a little known trend in the wedding industry that allows you to save some money while getting to have your cake, and eat it too!

While we still suggest having a beautiful wedding cake as the signature item at your reception, we also recommend combining it with a candy or dessert buffet to offer an affordable variety for all of your wedding guests. Candy and dessert buffets can be customized to fit the theme, look, and feel of your wedding and cut your wdding cake costs by at least 40%! The key is to order your wedding cake for about 60% of your wedding guests, as not everyone is a cake lover and you will be disappointed in paying hundreds of dollars for your cake, only to have leftovers or a lack luster response to its presentation. By combining your wedding cake offering with a dazzling candy or dessert buffet with a variety of bite size options, you will appeal to various sweet tooths and your presentation will be top notch with a more elaborate display that wont break your budget.

For an idea of candy and dessert buffets visit our Candy & Dessert Buffet page to see how we provide options for our own clients!

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