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Bridesmaid Brigade - Why Choosing Your Closest Girlfriends as your Bridesmaids is so Important!

They've seen you laugh, they've seen you cry. They've been a shoulder to lean on, and a wing man through the night. So when it comes to choosing your bridesmaids, keep in mind that picking your closest BFF's over the obligitory suggestion from mom or other family members will help you in the end.

Your bridal party is there to help you, asist you with the details in planning as well as on your wedding day. While most brides will rely on their wedding coordinator, the bridesmaids and maid of honor will play just as vital of roles in being the bride's sounding board; offering support, and tending to her needs on the big day. The maid/matron of honor is generally the bride's right-hand woman before and on the day of the wedding. Her main duties include planning the bridal shower and helping the bride select her gown and address invitations. The bridesmaids assist the maid/matron of honor and bride as well. Additionally, being able to let loose and be yourself is so much easier to do when you are surrounded by those who love you no matter what. So having your closest BFF's by your side will keep you calm as they look out for your best interest through what will be the most important moments of this journey.

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